Pescatún is on the right path in order to generate a greater volume of food

With the capture of more than a thousand tons of fish and the achievement of its goals for this stage, the Fishing Company of Las Tunas, Pescatún, is on the right path in order to generate a greater volume of food and ratifies its condition as the best group in the country in the current year.

Las Tunas, Cuba.- "At the end of June, we exceeded the capture plan with 213 tons above the expected, compared to the previous year we have 7.5 more tons," explained Mario Sedeño Viamontes, director of the entity.

These results bear fruit, said the manager, in the preparation of 27 lines, among which are the croquette whose production has exploded with respect to other stages, in addition to fish sausages, fillet and minutes of platform species, shaped hamburger, seasoned mince fish and chorizo dough.

"Regarding the sowing of fries, we almost doubled what was foreseen in the plan and we expect to reach 15 million fish, which will allow more fish supply in 2021," he added.

He pointed out the efforts to promote family aquaculture with the development of cyprinids (tench, bow and carp), based on the support of mass organizations, an activity that is currently bearing fruit in two reservoirs in the municipality of Manatí.

In this regard, he specified that the province has 45.2 hectares of ponds in the fry centers, of which about 29 are in operation, to which, in a short time, another seven will be added in Los Naranjos, Majibacoa, and two in El Gramal, Manatí.

In the investment plan for the upcoming calendar, he said, only seven hectares of water bodies that now have no use value would be left to rescue.

In addition to the purposes of this year, aquaculture in the territory creates the conditions to achieve similar rates to those obtained in the 90s of the last century, for which fish farming is also carried out in reservoirs of Agriculture and the Sugar Company.

Pescatún, besides, promotes farms for the cultivation of oysters, a line of which this year they plan to obtain 250 tons and, on the other hand, enables mini- industries in the municipalities of Colombia and Jesús Menéndez, with the aim of possessing industrial capacity to process the assortment increment.

In the entity, they produce several exportable items. On this matter, the manager detailed: “We already have seven tons of platform fish exported. Abroad we also commercialize the HG tench and the swim bladder of this fish, a very popular product in the Asian market. In September, we will start the fishery for the elver, the fingerling of the eel, destined for the foreign market.
And we are already prospecting new rivers with this species in the municipalities of Manatí and Amancio.”

As the estimate is an important part of such a record, in the company, from now on it is planned how exports will behave in the coming calendar. In this regard, Sedeño Viamontes stated: “For this purpose, in the fry centers today we have freshwater lobster, GIF tilapia and colossoma, called the water pig because it feeds on vegetables and kitchen waste. This year, on the production farms we also have 250 tons of oysters, a figure that in cooperation with the Ecovalor project should grow by 2021.”

Managers and workers of the entity, recognized last 2019 and in the first half of this year as the most comprehensive in the country, coincide in highlighting what has been achieved, although they work aware that much remains to be done to satisfy population’s demand.