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Save Forests, Raison d'Être

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On June 21, 1975, the Day of the Agroforestry Worker was instituted, coinciding with the first day of the summer season and the rainiest month in Cuba; when the sprouts are ready to be taken to the fields, and being planted in those conditions, they germinate the best possible way.

The damages caused to the electric service by the severe local storm that on the afternoon of Sunday, June 16, hit the city of Las Tunas and, to a lesser extent, areas of the municipalities of Colombia and Majibacoa, have already been restored.

Jessica Marian Morales wants to be a journalist. She likes the universe of communication very much. Perhaps, that is why she is especially loquacious in the dialogue as she tells 26 Digital about her recent experience as part of the Cuban delegation to the 18th Latin American and Caribbean Student Congress (Clae), which took place in Caracas.

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