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CELAC Summit: A Region Committed to its Common Destiny

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CELAC represents the united vanguard of integration in Our America. The 4th Summit of the Community of Latin American and Caribbean States (CELAC) will take place January 27 in Quito, Ecuador, where the organization's 33 member nations will have the opportunity to reaffirm the objectives which unite them.

Over the organization's first four years, our peoples have made important progress, having achieved the establishment of such an entity to confront the region's challenges together.
During 2015, with Ecuador serving as pro tempore president, the Community's agenda has included issues related to family framing, and approval of the 2025 Food Security, Nutrition and Eradication of Hunger Plan.
Among the principal objectives of the upcoming Summit in Quito, where the Dominican Republic will assume leadership for 2016, is putting into action proposals made by the government of Rafael Correa on the elimination of poverty and reducing inequality.
CELAC relations with China, the European Union, and other regional blocs will also be discussed.
In accordance with the organization's foundational charter, CELAC seeks to deepen economic, social and cultural integration within the region, based on full respect for democracy and respect for human rights.
Prioritized is further development of political dialogue among member states, based on agreement, shared values and principles.
The organization is intent upon becoming a stronger platform for political agreement and consolidating its position internationally, which can be translated into rapid, effective action to promote Latin American and Caribbean interests with respect to issues on the global agenda. (Granma)

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