Ermidelio Urrutia

At the age of 7 or 8, he would ride his horse and ride a mile to watch a baseball game on one of the few black and white televisions in Macagua 8, in the municipality of Jobabo, Las Tunas. When the power plant turned up the voltage, Armando Capiró looked like a giant and the cathartic Gerardo Egües could be better appreciated when his cap was turned backward because he did not wear a helmet.

Third baseman Denis Peña

The third baseman Denis Peña is the only player from Las Tunas included in the list of about 90 prospects of Cuban baseball, made by the National Directorate of this sport with the aim of developing the base of the Cuba team in the period 2020-2024.

Gregorio Américo Pérez Valdés

Gregorio Américo Pérez Valdés attributes to Bobby Salamanca the nickname "Mano Negra", with which he became famous in Cuban baseball between the 1960s and early 1980s of the last century.

Field hockey coach Rolando Medina

Rolando Medina is possibly the most successful coach in the High-Performance system within the national borders. The father of the Lionesses of local hockey is backed by the 20 titles of their disciples in the absolute category and the training of many of the best players in the country, including the already legendary Drake sisters.

Yoandys Lescay, closing the relay event

Back in 2014, when Yoandys Lescay celebrated his 20 years old, he was already showing techniques on the runway. He had everything to establish himself as one of the good 400-meter runners on the island.