Yusniel Ibanez

Yusniel Ibáñez, who plays for Cienfuegos’ Elephants, will debut today with Las Tunas in game 3 of the semifinal against Matanzas, from 1:00 pm, at the Victoria de Girón Stadium, where Yosvani Torres and Yánder Guevara will face from the mound.

Cuban Baseball FederationThe Cuban Baseball Federation (CBF) announced over the weekend that Cuba has been marginalized from the Caribbean Series of that sport, slated from February 1st to the 7th in San Juan, Puerto Rico, due to pressure from the United States.

Las Tunas' Leñadores

Again out of the media hotspot and many odds, the Leñadores (Lumberjacks) get back on the postseason car for the third time in a row.

Arruebarruena VsLasTunas Serie59 2019

How strong will the rival of the current Champion of Cuba be? What are its weak weaknesses? What could define this unprecedented semifinal in Cuban baseball?

Carlos Juan Viera

Right-handed Carlos Juan Viera and left-handed Yoenni Yera will be the starters, on Saturday, of the first Las Tunas-Matanzas duel in one of the semifinal playoffs of the 59th Cuban National Baseball Series, first step of the Leñadores (Lumberjacks) in defense of the Cuban title.