Las Tunas VS. Mayabeque

The schedule for the 60th Cuban National Baseball Series was approved by all the teams in the country and it is already official that the Las Tunas Leñadores (Lumberjacks) will debut on September 12 in Mayabeque, the first of four initial sub-series away from home. 

Working visit by the president of the Institute of Sports, Physical Education and Recreation (INDER), Osvaldo Vento Montiller.

The sports movement in this eastern province is ready to assume - it has been doing so - the main tasks in the current recovery stage after the COVID-19.


The Cuban Football Association will receive one million dollars for the development of this sport and another half-million whose destiny should be exclusively for the female sex, as part of a universal solidarity fund created by FIFA in response to the crisis generated by the COVID-19 and that amounts to 1,500 million dollars.

60th National Baseball Series will kick off on September 12

As recently previewed on social media, the 60th National Baseball Series will kick off on September 12 with a 75-game qualifying schedule, the advancement of eight teams to the playoffs, and the grand finale extending into the early days of February.

Rosangela Jardines played last year for the Lanquetín, in the League of Guatemala

Rosángela Jardines, from Las Tunas province, leads the catchers of the recently announced national softball preselection, with an important renewal and published by the website of the radio station Radio Rebelde.